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Audiobook Samples:

"Hotshot" Can an idealistic young prosecutor run afoul of the Pendergast Machine and the mob in depression era Kansas City and live to tell the tale?

The Bomber Mafia. With WW II still hanging in the balance in the Pacific and the American bombing campaign against Japan on the verge of failure, can America's military leaders find the right man to turn the campaign around and bring Japan to its knees?

The White Shadow: Who brutally murdered a washed up crime boss at his home in Ybor City, the home of Tampa's cigar industry and the notorious crime families that controlled it's government and industries?

History of MMA: Is Mixed Martial Arts a new twist on combat sports, or is it simply the latest in a tradition dating back thousands of years?

The Arrangement: When the fire goes out of a marriage how far will a husband and wife go to get it back?

Can a small town blacksmith find happiness with the cutest girl in town who just happens to be the daughter of the richest man in town?